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Fidenty accelerates your digital transformation by strengthening your security position on all fronts with our Zero Trust SIM card.
Fast and
secure device
Fidenty enables organizations to quickly and securely connect their devices to a global network, seamlessly integrated with our Zero Trust platform for the protection of networks and employees at any location.
Utilizing traditional- and eSIM technology

At Fidenty, we blend traditional SIM reliability with eSIM flexibility for rapid deployment and seamless scalability. This dual-technology approach ensures swift and adaptable device connectivity.

Protection anywhere everywhere

With Fidenty, your network and employees are comprehensively safeguarded, regardless of their location, accelerating digital transformation. Zero Trust natively on the SIM, one unified service.

IoT Security Enhanced: Zero Trust SIM

In the rapidly expanding realm of the Internet of Things (IoT), security is paramount. Fidenty’s Zero Trust SIM combines exceptional IoT connectivity with rigorous Zero Trust security. Our solution provides seamless connectivity for diverse IoT devices while enforcing stringent security measures. Trust in Fidenty to protect your IoT ecosystem as it grows, ensuring the safety of your devices and data in an increasingly interconnected world.

Secure your world

Move security to the cloud

Gain fast and secure application access from anywhere

Simplify branch and cloud connectivity

Transaction from legacy security to zero trust

Secure your Users
Prevent cyberthreats and data loss while providing users with fast, reliable zero trust connectivity to apps from anywhere.
Secure workloads with a cloud native application protection platform and zero trust connectivity.
Provide privileged access to OT and zero trust connectivity. for IoT & OT devices.