About Fidenty

At a glance
We empower customers with fine-grained and real-time control of data routing, traffic screening and security policies, per SIM or per application – security-as-a-service in the mobile network.
We have reinvented the conventional mobile core network technology stack to deliver the flexibility that customers and developers have become accustomed to with public cloud services.
We have made it easy for customers to access and control the power of a programmable mobile network, with no need for specialist telecoms skills.
roaming solution
Multi IMSI
Fidenty combines a diverse set of Multi IMSI Providers with a fully managed global connectivity platform which enables integration to any platform and allows local break-out with localization that utilizes cloud infrastructure. 
Our platform lets you prioritize your customers while we handle network infrastructure and relationships worldwide.
Fidenty is your Global Connectivity Partner to help you accelerate your time-to-market and focus on global expansion.
Our platform seamlessly integrates cellular mobile network functionality into existing services.
With local break out on multiple continents we guarantee low latency everywhere.
The ability to pivot in response to new information or market dynamics is crucial for sustained innovation.
We prioritize speed and flexibility in our approach to bringing potential zero trust solutions to market.
Today’s world is changing rapidly. We adapt, we innovate, we execute.
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