One Unified Service

Fidenty combines the Telco world with the Zero Trust world, forming a Unified Security Solution
Complete insight and detailed access control capabilities at your disposal
One Unified Service
  • Speed of delivery
  • Resilient platform
  • Secure connectivity
  • Visibility to the enterprise of “thing” traffic
  • Performance monitoring for optimization, e.g. prediction issues
  • One service for all traffic
  • Instant deployment
  • Orchestrated, under your requirements
  • Protect all other devices
  • Remove your attack surface
  • No lateral movement
  • Granular controls of each SIM
  • Full visibility of all traffic per SIM
  • Leverage to the power of Fidenty Zero ‘
  • Trust SIM for protection against data loss and security threats
Cost Savings
  • No software deployment
  • Remove need for additional security stack
  • Remove need for backhaul
  • Simplification
Risk Reduction
  • Deliver secure connectivity
  • Any device with a SIM slot is enabled
  • Visibility and control of traffic
  • Zero Trust principles for SIM connected devices
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Security Features

Full visibility and end-to-end encryption based on IPSEC / DTLS towards the Internet / IaaS or Private applications.

Network Extension

Enables the extension of existing private network into the cellular network

WAN Technologies supported



Freedom to choose device and operating system needed to support your application


Wireless network deployment customization to support your application

True Redundancy

True redundancy in back-up deployments